Adventures in Athas

Intrigue in the Arena
The game is afoot

Agis is concerned about the activities of the True- and especially their use of House Tsalaxa and the Toothcutters. He has learned of a clandestine meeting involving a Tsalaxan merchant and elven thugs in the Arena marketplace.

He wants his Captains of the Cause to find out what is happening, and either put a stop to it or report on the intent of the meeting.

“What a mess. Will order ever form again amongst all this chaos?”
Agis stands beside you, looking out of the highest window in the House
of Asticles.
The workers in the Brickyards are protesting again today. A weathered
mul woman looks up to see you looking down, and shakes her callused
fist at you.
Cries of “Brickyards for the Brickers!” rise from the crowd, carried
up by the dust to scour the Ziggurat of Kalak- where many of these
same laborers toiled as slaves not long ago.
Agis turns to you and smiles.
“It appears you sense that was a rhetorical question. You are correct.
Balance will return to our free state. I have seen it, and shared my
visions with you. We must simply weather these haboobs* before we have
calm once again. If as diverse a group as you and your comrades can
work together, the city of Tyr will find peace.”
Agis spins on his heel and briskly walks over to a wooden (!) table in
the middle of his lavish study.
It’s draped with a large map of the city, and piled high with reports
from spies, the city guard, and volunteers in the revolutionary
“That is not to say that all we have to deal with are labor disputes
and power sharing agreements. Murter Dyan is gaining support for
reentering the Ziggurat.”
You tense at this news… Murter Dyan is widely believed to be one of
the True- those who hope to see Kalak’s return. Bile rises in your
throat at the thought, as you consider things returning to the way the
were- to the dark times. Besides, Kalak was mortally wounded by the
hero Rikus and fell into the Ziggurat. Surely that’s the end of it?
You scowl as you imagine some traitors removing the gigantic block
that seals the only entrance into the tomb. Agis notes your demeanor
and chuckles.
“Don’t worry, friend. We’ll put an end to this foolishness soon
enough. That’s why I’ve called you here. I need my favored Captains of
the Cause to observe a meeting between some of Dyan’s men and agents
of House Tsalaxa. Something is afoot that is casting a pall over our
great city, and I believe this meeting has something to do with it. I
can’t allow all of you to go on this mission- we’re stretched too
thin. Select a few that are willing for a dangerous mission into he
Stadium Market, and be on your way!”



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