Vrathus is known to many in Tyr as a young gladiator slave who fights with a barbarian's fury in the arena. With the overthrow of the Sorcerer-King, freedom has finally come.


Massive for a Mul at 6’ 4", 300 lbs, Vrathus looks the part of his violent past as a gladiator.
He wears hide armor and wields a huge shaman-inscribed, sharpened shin bone from a wild beast he defeated in the arena.


DC 15 character knowledge check version:
Vrathus was “discovered” by a wealthy noble who then trained him from a teen to become a deadly fighter. He has taken part in several notable arena battles that were considered to be mis-matches where he came through using nerve and sheer brutality. Shortly before the overthrow of the S-K, he took part in a to-the-death match where he did not finish his opponent. This caused an uproar from the crowd and interested nobles alike, and when he did not appear in a match for a few months it was speculated that he was being punished.

Another unique characteristic of Vrathus is his lack of scars or tattoos. Most Muls have tattoos depicting family, owner, guild or caste. Early in his career he suddenly showed up in the arena painted a blood red color. Soon before his last match he showed up in white paint.

DC 20 character knowledge check:
He was not really trained as much by his owner as he was thrown to the wolves. His out-matched opponents were a result of his owner retaliating for insubordination or some perceived slights.
His resilience and victories had made his owner money and of some notoriety amongst gladiator-sponsors. His owner disappeared during the overthrow of the S-K, he is now free.

Vrathus does not scar, nor does his skin retain tattoos. This did not stop his owner from trying to inflict both upon him regularly.

More to come as people begin to know him.


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